The point of departure and conceptual basis of my artistic practice is the aesthetic, poetic, and philosophical possibilities of sculpture. The content of my work is about the quietude of looking and the phenomenological effects of physical form. Starting from the position that objects possess an essence, we can study the essence of objects in an attempt to understand how we are ontologically bound with them. My work seeks to position this concept through sculpture, wherein the object seeks to solidify its autonomy, refrain from external reference, and present itself within its own logic. The work should negotiate its vulnerability as a present object in time through its internal relationships. 


When I research a form, I look to a spectrum of possibilities that the shape could be, and build a body of work throughout that method. My work retains elements of Formalism in the sense of the organization and combination of formal elements within the work as it retains autonomy and self-sufficiency. Where my work breaks from Formalist theory is in the expressive intentions inherent in the form, and how it reads as a pictorial reference to other objects in the world. Through a process and material based practice, I develop a relationship to the particular shape being researched 


2005 | BFA, Sculpture, Alberta College of Art & Design, Canada

2012 | Artist in Residence, DRAWinternational, France

2013 | Artist in Residence, The Banff Centre, Canada


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